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Oh Tiny Heart FAQ


Luxury Dog Scarf Information

How do I measure my pet's size for your Luxury Scarves?

How does my pet wear your Luxury Scarves?

My dog's neck is larger than 18". Do you make larger sizes?

How long until I receive my order?

How do I clean my scarf?

Scarves? Bandanas? Neckerchiefs? What's the difference?

What tools do you use to make your accessories?

Where do you get your materials?

Tiny Heart Boutique

How do I get my pet products listed in the Tiny Heart Boutique?

#TinyHeartBiz Features & Partners

What are #TinyHeartBiz features?

What happens when I'm selected for a #TinyHeartBiz feature?

Why was I rejected from your #TinyHeartBiz program?

Reward Hearts

What are Reward Hearts?

Can I earn Reward Hearts when I buy from the Tiny Heart Boutique?

Can I use my Reward Hearts to purchase from the Tiny Heart Boutique?

Affiliate Program

What is the Oh Tiny Heart Affiliate Program?

How do I make the most money as an Affiliate?

What's the difference between Reward Hearts and your Affiliate Program?

Press, Bloggers, and Influencers

We'd love to review your products. How do we get in touch?

We'd love to send a little something to your family and Mylo just because! How do we do that?

How do I write for the Oh Tiny Heart blog?