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5 Things You Didn't Know About Oh Tiny Heart

5 Things You Didn't Know About Oh Tiny Heart

by Oh Tiny Heart Family November 27, 2016 0 Comments

Hi. We're Oh Tiny Heart, and we make luxury pet accessories for well-loved pooches. But you already knew that. ;) In this post, you'll discover 5 things you don't know about Oh Tiny Heart (depending on how closely you stalk us, anyway). Read on.

#1) We taught ourselves how to sew in a day.

The Internet is amazing, isn't it? Given enough time and dedication (but mostly dedication), you can teach yourself how to do anything. In our case, it was sewing.

We didn't buy a sewing machine with the intention of starting a pet store. We bought a sewing machine because we wanted to dress Mylo in cute clothes, and we didn't like what everyone else was selling.

When we discovered we had an instant knack for the craft, we launched Oh Tiny Heart a day later. The rest is history.

#2) Mylo is part Pitbull.

Our little rescue puppy Mylo might look like a mini-Labrador, but the truth is, he's actually part Pitbull! Mylo's Pitbull DNA is one of the only things we know about his breed.

What we don't know is how big he's going to get. Mylo's mom, a pretty Pitbull mix named Rosie, is only 25 lbs. According to our brief research, most puppies get their size genetics from their mother, so we assume he'll be in the 25lb range.

At 6 months and 20 lbs, he's bound to get a little bigger, but to be honest, we're happy with his size! We currently live in a tiny apartment in San Francisco (where we also happen to run Oh Tiny Heart), and we drive a 2-seater pickup truck. Mylo fits perfectly into our lives (literally and figuratively), and we really hit the jackpot with this little guy.

#3) Oh Tiny Heart, at its core, is a company that wants to spread love and positivity.

A personal note from Cheri, our Founder:

"I am one of those unlucky individuals who suffers from anxiety. It sucks, and at 29 years old, it's something I've come to terms and actively deal with every day. I have anxiety because I think too much, and while this is good for Oh Tiny Heart and results in brand perfection, it's not good for my mental (which in turn affects my physical) health.


To deal with my anxiety, I ...

1) Practice gratitude in my daily life.
2) Don't drink coffee.
3) Take deep breaths often.
4) Express myself through creativity (writing, art, photography, etc).
5) Actively nurture my relationships with friends and family.

It's important to me that I surround myself with good people because good people bring positive vibes with them. A long time ago, I made it my mission to actively nurture the types of relationships I want to have in my life, and the relationship I want to have with the Oh Tiny Heart community is no different.

want my customers to feel love and appreciation. I want my customers to experience joy just from interacting with our brand. I want my customers to always feel like they have somewhere safe to go that accepts them for the dog-crazy and amazing people that they are.

Oh Tiny Heart customers don't just own dogs. Oh Tiny Heart customers love dogs. I love my dog. I love him with the deepest kind of love possible. The kind of love you have for your own child. I feel like I can read my dog's mind! And I love like a dog -- unconditionally and relentlessly. Loyally. Gratefully.

Caring for a dog that you love is a healing thing. To me, my dog Mylo is that "missing something" that completes my life. He makes me happy. He gives me a reason to get up every day. He heals my anxiety, and just hugging him gives me an unbelievable amount of comfort.

My goal with Oh Tiny Heart is to shower our customers with healing positivity in the same way Mylo does for me. And while I can never come close to the healing powers of a dog, that's not going to stop me from trying."

#4) The original Oh Tiny Heart label had three hearts.

It was hideous. Lol. And bulky.

When we were first designing our handmade genuine leather labels, we went through several prototypes before finally deciding on our single mini heart. It's small. It's cute. And our customers freaking love it because it's subtle and elegant. We're very into the Japanese visual aesthetic of reduction and simplicity and strive to reflect our respect for minimalism combined with quality in everything we do.

This appreciation for clean precision is the leading factor in our design choices.

#5) We haven't profited from running Oh Tiny Heart. Yet.

As of this post, our company is only 2 months old. To start it, we invested a lot of money into purchasing materials and supplies. The machines we use, our fabrics and threads, our packaging -- everything costs money, and aside from knowing how to sew, we had zero idea what we were getting into (money-wise) when starting Oh Tiny Heart.

We don't like releasing things that are less than perfect. In fact, we've recalled entire designs and completely refunded customers when discovering flaws in our manufacturing process (remember the HENRY scarf? There's a reason it's no longer in our store!).

We don't want to just "make money" and call it a day. We want to build a brand. We want to build a community of customers and dog lovers who love us just as much as we love them. We're doing this because it makes us happy. Cheri quit her career as a high-salary marketing executive to make pennies developing the Oh Tiny Heart brand, and we still haven't turned a profit!

Sure. We have a long to go before we're "in the green" (have made more than we've spent), but we're confident we'll get there because we love running this shop, and we'll never give up. And to top it off, we have the best customers in the world! :) Thank you for supporting us. Your comments and feedback keep us motivated through these first few hard months of building our brand.

We love you and appreciate you!

Oh Tiny Heart Family
Oh Tiny Heart Family