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#TinyHeartBiz Feature - Lightning Soft Paws

#TinyHeartBiz Feature - Lightning Soft Paws

by Oh Tiny Heart Family February 16, 2017 0 Comments

When Mylo came home from his first long walk with paws so raw that it hurt for him to touch the ground, our panicked search for healing paw ointments and creams began. Unsure which brands we could trust, we relied on references from our friends and followers on Instagram to point us in the right direction. This was how we first stumbled across Lightning Soft Paws.

Lightning Soft Paws - Oh Tiny Heart

Founded in March 2016, Founder Jaime Pebler started Lightning Soft Paws after rescuing her dog, Kai Lightning Bolt, from a hot desert. Kai's paws were destroyed from the dry heat, and his extremely dry, cracked, and rough paw pads were in need of serious help. After a trip to her local pet store, Pebler was only able to find pet products loaded with harsh chemicals. Knowing Kai would lick just about anything she put on his paws, she didn't feel comfortable supporting products with unnatural ingredients. Thus, Lightning Soft Paws, a safe, vegan, organic, and all-natural paw cream brand, was born.

Lightning Soft Paws Lemon Lime Paw Cream for Dogs Oh Tiny Heart

Lightning Soft Paws is unique not only because of the brand's vegan ingredients, but also the essential oils blended into every batch. These oils are what give Lightning Soft Paws creams their natural scent, and provide antibacterial, deodorizing, and restorative benefits.

And the best part? These creams aren't just great for dogs. They're good for humans, too! The cream is extremely soft and workable, and we were surprised at the fluffy, thick, and buttery texture. We've been using this cream for Mylo's rough little pads for the past week or so, and we're shocked at how soft his little paws have become, as well as how nicely this has treated our own cuticles. ;)

With our expectations blown away, we knew we needed to invite Lightning Soft Paws to take part in our highly curated online marketplace just for dog lovers around the world. Jaime Pebler created a brand new scent with limited edition packaging exclusively for our customers on Oh Tiny Heart, and we know you and your dog are going to love it.

Try Lightning Soft Paws' new lemon + lime paw cream available now only in the Tiny Heart Boutique.

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Lightning Soft Paws - Lemon Lime Paw Cream Shot by Oh Tiny Heart 

Lightning Soft Paws is the third company officially featured in our #TinyHeartBiz series, an Oh Tiny Heart initiative to draw much-deserved attention to our favorite small businesses run by little families like ours. If you run a small business and would like your services or products featured in our blog or sold in our highly exclusive and curated marketplace, email us at hello [at] ohtinyheart.com. While you wait for our response, tag your photos online with @ohtinyheart + #tinyheartbiz! We check these tags regularly for companies to feature, and it helps our customers discover other small businesses to try. We look forward to meeting you! Read more about #TinyHeartBiz features and partners in our FAQ.

Oh Tiny Heart Family
Oh Tiny Heart Family