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#TinyHeartBiz Feature - MATTIE + MARGOT | Leashes + Collars + Bowties

#TinyHeartBiz Feature - MATTIE + MARGOT | Leashes + Collars + Bowties

by Oh Tiny Heart Family February 02, 2017 0 Comments

When we first discovered MATTIE + MARGOT handcrafted dog accessories, we were stunned by their lovely selection and attention to detail. At Oh Tiny Heart, we are passionate about precision design and find that this #TinyHeartBiz partner hits the mark with their entire selection of constantly evolving products.

Even better: they're made right here in San Francisco, home of Oh Tiny Heart luxury dog accessories.

We found MATTIE + MARGOT to be the perfect launch partner for our much anticipated and exclusively curated marketplace of high quality dog products. We take great pleasure in introducing you to this small, family-owned brand that has stolen our hearts, and we hope you come to adore their products just as much as we have.

MATTIE + MARGOT's designs are perfect for your canine friend's everyday wear and pair wonderfully with our collection of luxury dog scarves. Their appreciation for minimalist aesthetics and discerning eye for on-trend patterns was what initially drew us, but their incredible customer service and family-based demeanor are what made us stay.

Established in 2011, MATTIE + MARGOT Founder Rachael Young has spent the last 6 years perfecting her craft with the assistance of her husband, Garret.

"Garret taught me how to sew. We got a $30 machine off of Craigslist, started making them, and when things took off, we ran a Kickstarter with a goal of $1,000 for our initial supplies. When we succeeded, we bought everything we needed, and here we are today," Young says.

Young's inspiration for her line stems from owning 3 puppies of her own: Cooper, Mattie, and Margot. Because each of her four-legged companions rock different sizes, finding walk-wear for her pups in designs that matched was difficult, as not every brand serves pooches of different neck-widths. MATTIE + MARGOT designs come in a large enough variety of sizes that pups from every end of the spectrum can wear her collars with confidence.

"Back when we first started, we used to use the same buckles and hardware as everyone else. But after six years of doing this, our customers often complained that their collars would fall apart. Our products today are the best that money can buy because we've spent so long researching hardware durable enough to stand the test of time."

Most handmade dog collars you'll find online use easy-to-assemble kits with cheaply made welded hardware that, over a short period of time, falls apart from the everyday stresses of leash pulling and tugging. MATTIE + MARGOT hardware is die-cast, a metal manufacturing process that leaves the finished product virtually indestructible.

Mattie + Margot Plum Collar and Leash with Oh Tiny Heart Luxury Dog Scarf

Young's self-professed OCD attention to detail stems from her background in design. After graduating from DAAP (School of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning) at University of Cincinnati, she moved to the Bay Area to pursue a design career at Apple (an iconic brand built on seamless perfection). It was there that she met her husband, and it is there that the two continue to work while raising their daughter, Lydia, and running MATTIE + MARGOT on the side.

It is Young's dream to eventually run her own business full-time, and we absolutely believe she has what it takes.

We are beyond thrilled to introduce her line of dog products to the Oh Tiny Heart community with her on-site debut release, the PLUM - Ribbon Collar. Welcome to the Oh Tiny Heart family, MATTIE + MARGOT!

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MATTIE + MARGOT Plum Ribbon Collar Oh Tiny Heart 

MATTIE + MARGOT is the second company officially featured in our #TinyHeartBiz series, an Oh Tiny Heart initiative to draw much-deserved attention to our favorite small businesses run by little families like ours. If you run a small business and would like your services or products featured in our blog or sold in our highly exclusive and curated marketplace, email us at hello [at] ohtinyheart.com. While you wait for our response, tag your photos online with @ohtinyheart + #tinyheartbiz! We check these tags regularly for companies to feature, and it helps our customers discover other small businesses to try. We look forward to meeting you! Read more about #TinyHeartBiz features and partners in our FAQ.

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