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About Us

Launched on September 23, 2016 from a small apartment nestled in San Francisco, our handcrafted luxury dog products combine our love of chic design with the comfortable and stylish fabrics and materials we love to wear ourselves. If we wouldn't wear it, why should our pets?

We hope you come to love Oh Tiny Heart as much as we love the little pooch who started it all.


We started Oh Tiny Heart after adopting our little fur baby, Mylo. When we first brought Mylo home, we found ourselves unable to stop shopping for things we thought he'd love -- treats, toys, accessories -- you name it! When we couldn't seem to find accessories for him that we absolutely loved (we're picky!), we decided to make our own.


Determined to create accessories we weren't embarrassed to let Mylo wear, we rolled up our sleeves, purchased a sewing machine, a few bundles of thread, and began chopping up our old clothing. Sewing with discarded stretchy knits and delicate cottons forced us to master difficult fabrics right off the bat, setting the tone for the types of materials we'd end up working with most.

When we finally created an accessory we were proud of, we posted a picture of Mylo modeling our creation on Instagram, and comments demanding we sell our pieces started pouring in from friends and followers. That's when we knew we had to open our own shop.

Our background in branding, marketing, and creative design laid the foundation for what eventually became our very minimalist label and store name. Our brand took off almost immediately, and we have our customers to thank for it. With every step we take toward solidifying the Oh Tiny Heart aesthetic, we work with our buyers to create collections and products that everyone loves.


At Oh Tiny Heart, we value compassion, art, and innovation above all else, and this is reflected in the positive and creative community that has grown around our brand. We are artists with heart and makers who understand the significance of human connection, and because of this, it has become our mission to create a collaborative experience around the brand.

With the launch of our highly exclusive Tiny Heart Boutique, a marketplace for handmade dog wares from quality curated makers, we hope to help other small brands get the recognition they deserve. We source these makers for their quality craftsmanship and aesthetic innovation, and together we pool our various skill sets into collaborative masterpieces that wow our customers.


While we are still very much a mom and pop pet shop handcrafting accessories from our much-too-tiny San Francisco apartment, we feel our family has grown so much larger thanks to the amazingly supportive customers we are lucky enough to have.

To the Oh Tiny Heart community, thank you for standing behind our small business, and for supporting handmade items like ours. We are so grateful to be here doing what we love while also helping you discover products you adore and believe in.